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Metal 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet - Silver and Black

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Metal 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet - Silver and Black

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So you've decided it's time to organise all your stuff and get yourself a quality cheap filing cabinet. Now you just need to decide on which one you want and what you want to spend on it.

But before you just jump online and buy the first one you see, you need to ask yourself a few questions first. How much room do you have in your office or home? How many files does the cabinet need to hold? How long do you need your file cabinet to last? Will you be wanting to lock away valuables? Getting the right one for you will mean you save more money as you won't have to replace it in no time. Getting value for money is better than getting the cheapest filing cabinet possible.

So just have a quick read through this short guide and hopefully you'll be well placed to buy a top quality filing cabinet that will last for some time.

If the filing cabinet is for your office then you'll more than likely have more room to house things. So you can look at getting a double filing cabinet if you need that much space. For the home then a single should more than cover your needs. You may also want to get one that will slide under your desk too. In that case you'll just be looking at a 2 draw vertical filing cabinet.

Take a look at all the files that you are wanting to be stored in the cabinet. If there is a lot of stuff then try a find a 4 draw one. You should be able to get a good quality one for under £100. Even get one with a lock on it for that price too.

That brings us nicely on to security. If you want to lock away important documents then you should look at getting a good quality lockable filing cabinet. A 2 draw one with one of the draws lockable you should find for around £50. You can find them cheaper, but the locks won't be up to much on that kind.

Next thing to think about is whether you want a metal or a wooden one. A metal one is more secure and studier. But a wooden one looks a lot nicer. So if it's for your home then a wooden filing cabinet will suit your needs better than a metal one. On the other hand if it's for an office and looks aren't all that important, we think a metal filing cabinet will be better as it can hold more and the lock is of a better quality.

So now you're well armed to get the one you want, lets have a look at some good brands of filing cabinets. Some are for really high end quality filing cabinets and some will be for budget, but still good for the home filing cabinets.

Pierre Henry Filing Cabinets These guys do a real top quality line of metal filing cabinets. They will last for ages so they are really good value for money. The reviews on them at Argos shows you just how good they are. They average over 4 stars on all the filing cabinets.

Bisley Filing Cabinets These are another really good brand and they have some top quality filing cabinets to look at on Staples website. This is also a good place to get a money saving deal on them.

Staples Filing Cabinets For a budget brand of filing cabinets then you should take a look at Staples. They do sell other brands, but their own range are also really good quality, and cheaper than some of the better known brands too.

Hygena Filing Cabinets A Hygena filing cabinet is perfect for the home as they are really nice looking as well as functional. Built very sturdy, a Hygena cabinet should last for ages.

Not all the filing cabinets at Argos, Staples and Ryman have a brand. These are to be dismissed though. But one thing to do is read the reviews on them. If previous customers are saying they are good, strong filing cabinets then this is a great way to save some money on a filing cabinet.

So the are the leading brands of filing cabinet. Now it's time to look at the best places to buy them. We love the high street stores as it makes it so easy to go a pick one up, but also online stores can sometimes sell them for cheaper.

Argos is perfect if you want to go and pick up the filing cabinet. You can buy it online and select the store that is nearest to your home or workplace. They are well known for having some great low budget stuff. Well worth a look at the Argos filing cabinets on this page.

Staples are also good for browsing the internet and then going to the store to collect it. They don't have as many stores as Argos, but still there are one in most cities. They also have more of a selection too, since they are an office supplier.

Ryman aren't that well known, but because they don't have any high street stores, they can sometimes beat the competition on prices. You should also brand match at Ryman and see if you can save some money.

So these are are tips on what to look for and the best places to buy a cheap filing cabinet. Thanks for taking the time to read this. We know filing cabinets isn't exactly the hottest topic around, but if you can save some money on a filing cabinet then why not.

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