Bosch TAT86104GB 2 Slice Styline Toaster - Black

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Bosch TAT86104GB Toaster - Black
Prices for Bosch TAT86104GB Toaster - Black From £54.96

The Bosch TAT86104GB 2 Slice Styline Toaster is probably one of the best toasters you'll ever own but it allows you to make the perfect peice of toast with it's easy to use settings. Simply adjust the timer buttons on the top for the perfect toast every time you use it. These timer settings are perfect if you use both toast from the cupboard or the freezer. A click or two and it's adjusted.

Along with being super stylish it also has a number of other great features to mention that include wide slots with variable width, high-lift for toast removal, defrost, reheat and cancel buttons, bun warming, 2 year guarentee and much more.

EAN: 4242002618739

From £54.96

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Here are some of the reviews...

"Although this is quite expensive, I am glad I bought it. It looks like the sort of product you might see in the design gallery of a Modert Art Museum. Equally important, it has all the features you could ever need and produces perfect toast (both sliced bread and rolls). Highly recommended."

"Larger than I thought it would be but well built and robust. It takes longer than its predecessor to make toast but the toast is always excellent. The bell sound top warn that the toasting is complete is a useful feature."

"Good toaster. Lmited by only doing 2 slices at a time, but perfectly good. Lights guide you easily to how brown you want the toast"

"Never spent this much on a toaster before and you can tell the difference in quality. It does toast more evenly and works well once you work out the controls with flashing lights rather than a gauge/dial. The only thing I don't like is that you have to turn it on/off every time or the standby light is on all day. Well built and works a treat."