Cheapest Prices to Buy Hotpoint FFU3DX Freestanding, Fridge Freezer, 70cm, A+ Energy Rating, Inox

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Hotpoint FFU3DX

Hotpoint FFU3DX

With a really large and great performance design, the Hotpoint FFU3DX American Style Fridge Freezer is something impressive to show off in your kitchen and has a top energy rating of A+, a 302 litre capacity for the fridge section and a 148 litre for the freezer and some advanced features making this a bargain purchase. There are some really impressive reviews too when it comes to this fridge freezer as the total capacity of 450 gets people talking.

There are many features that make the reviews shine for the FFU3DX, with a 'door left open' alarm and a professional looking stainless steel finish. After reading the reviews there are some minor downsides/bad points or cons which are in the quotes below...

"The only downside is that the two fridge doors join with a special flap in the middle. It works well enough now and is really only a bit annoying because it makes a clunk noise when closing. A small problem really for a very good machine."

"No egg tray with the Hotpoint FFU3DX so keep your old one and one of our ice trays was broke I'm waiting for a reply from tesco"

"However with double doors you can't sit it next to a wall as this would prevent doors being opened fully."

"My only issue is with the design of this Hotpoint fridge freezer is the left hand door. You have to push on it quite hard in order to close it and there is the risk that any goods stored in door (especially tall items) may fall out."