Compare Prices Indesit IS41V - Cheapest Prices - 4kg Vented Compact Tumble Dryer in White

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Indesit IS41V

Indesit IS41V

The Indesit IS41V 4kg Compact Tumble Dryer is a great addition to any home that wants a really great get low priced tumble dryer and a small form factor. While the 4kg load doesn't seem like much it ensures a tight unit that will fit in a really small space. With the tumble dryer dimensions of a Height: 670mm, Width: 490mm, Depth: 490mm it's ready to go in that small space next to the washing machine. Sadly at a budget price the energy rating isn't that great and rated with a C, but this is still ok for a tumble dryer. The Indesit IS41V is vented so not as ideal as a condenser but just make sure there is plenty of ventilation or ensure the pipe is heading outside.

There is no sensor drying or delay timer but you don't really miss this features on a budget model as it just gets the job done. It has 13 programmes which is a bonus and the noise level isn't so bad at 67dB(A).

Here are some of the reviews for the Indesit IS41V...

"Great little tumble dryer if you have limited space, easy to use,front vented."

"I have very little choice in a dryer as it sits in my laundry room on top of the washing machine in a room that has a sloping roof. The compact dryer is very good although I don't like the hose attaching to the door, which you obviously have to remove to open the dryer door. If the dryer was in my kitchen I wouldn't have bought it but as its tucked away in the laundry then its perfect for the space."

"Very good product. I must admit, I hadn't realised that the vent attaches to the door but it has been great. The larger capacity means it deals with everything I have thrown at it."

Reviews Summary: It seems that the pipe does attach to the front of the door which might seem a little bit of a problem. After looking into the reviews it doesn't cause any problems and it keeps the prices low for the tumble dryer.