Cheap Washing Machines and Cheapest at Currys & Tesco

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Welcome to our page where we'll show you the best retailers to get cheap washing machines online in the UK. What we are going to do here is search for the cheapest washers from the top budget and bargain retailers in the UK which are a mix of Currys, Amazon, Appliances Online, Coopelectrical, Tesco, Argos and Homebase. We'll also be looking for cheap machines on to see if any great deals can be found there.

When looking for a cheap washing machine we're going to be going directly to the cheapest retailers and keeping an eye on their washing machines section. We'll then arrange this by price and see which store has the cheapest. Once we have all the info we'll product this (arranged by price and cheapest first) so you can quickly and easily get a bargain washing machine for the lowest possible price. We're not going to include washer dryers into this as they need their own dedicated page.

For each cheap washing machine we're going to try and include key factors that affect the price. Mostly these factors load capacity (in kilograms, KG), spin speed, energy ratings, and anything else that you're likely to look for when looking at the cheapest washers.

We'll also try and bring you the average reviews for the cheapest washer (although this will change often) and the reviews for the retailer you can buy these from. Along with reviews we can also bring you retailers with bargains on at the moment so you can save more money, get great deals and also get a money off discount code or voucher.

When you're shopping for a washing machines that's cheap and affordable, just remember that most of the time you get what you pay for so shop with caution. Try and get one with a good manufactures warranty, has good reviews and one that has a good lifespan.

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Cheapest Washing Machines at Currys

When it comes to looking for a cheap washing machine online or instore then probably the first place you'd think of is Currys. They have been around for many years and are always pushing down the price of home appliances both on their website and in their stores. Currys have a huge range of washing machines on offer with many 'budget' names that are cheap but certainly not nasty. Brands such as BEKO, Essentials and Logik commonly crop up when looking for the cheapest machines but cheaper models from Candy, Hotpoint and Indesit are also pushing the price down.

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Co-Op Electrical Washing Machines
Cooperative Electrical

While not really as cheap as Currys, Co-Op Electrical really do push the price down when it comes to affordable washing machines when you're shopping on a budget. They host all the popular brands with their low end and high end prices. It's a quick and easy shopping experience when searching for your cheap machine as you can order by price, brand and price range.

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Appliances Direct Cheap Washing Machines
Appliances Direct

While Appliances Direct are not the most well known white goods supplier in the UK, they certainly pack some punch when it comes to supplying so cheap washing machines. They have hundreds of models in stock and host all the popular and affordable brands such as Indesit, Baumatic Hotpoint, Beko and many more. Give them a try as the customer service is quite good. They also show reviews and ratings with each product.

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Cheapest Washing Machines from Tesco Direct
Tesco Direct

Tesco Direct (and their store Tesco) really are a big force in the UK market when it comes to finding a good yet really cheap washing machine. Their online store, Tesco Direct, not only offers products directly from Tesco, but also a select list of partners who can supply on their behalf. If you're looking for next day delivery and a really cheap but good washer then give Tesco a quick look.

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