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This Argos Mini Fridge page is here to help you select the right mini fridge for you, be it a beer or drinks fridge, a mini travel fridge, or just a mini fridge for anywhere around the house. Argos provide a great selection of mini fridges in lots of different capacities and colours, all at really affordable prices. What's more, with Argos you can buy with same day delivery or collect in-store for free at one of the hundreds of Argos stores around the UK.

Argos have a few types of mini fridges available that should be just what you need to store your beers, soft drinks, wine, milk and anything else you need the fridge for. Argos also have very affordable prices when it comes to finding a cheap mini fridge so you're going to be getting the best prices in the UK.

So what kind of mini fridges can you find at Argos? Well let's take a look.

The Husky Mini Fridge - Beers and Soft Drinks

Husky Mini Fridges at Argos are the ones you'd typically expect to find that are branded with an alcoholic beverage brand such as Stella Artois, Guinness, Becks, Budweiser and also the soft drinks which is Coca Cola. These mini fridges are all 46 litres and most have a glass front so you can see the contents inside. These have a temperature range of 5 C to 15 C and have a ok energy rating of A. Other features include 1 shelf and can hold around 40 regular size cans. Probably the most common drinks mini fridge you'll find at

20 Litre Mini Fridge

Another popular choice is the 20 litre mini fridge you can buy at Argos. This features 1 shelf, weighs 8kg and is a perfect choice for under the desk, in the bedroom or something for students. Comes in black and silver. This mini fridge is portable too so great choice for the car or picnics. Comes with a Car adapter also! Perfect choice for storing beers, wine, milk, food etc at home or while staying at a cheap hotel. Please note this is not suitable to store insulin!

6 Litre Mini Fridge

This little mini fridge has a capacity of 6 litres and comes in white or blue, has one top shelf and can store up to 8 regular sized drinks cans. Sadly the ACadapter which is required is sold separately! Not the best when it comes to temperature and goes to 12°C below ambient temperature to a minimum of 5°C.

4 Litre Mini Fridge

The 4 litre mini fridges you can buy at Argos come in colours of black, silver, pink and white. For features it's limited but has one top shelf but very limited on what you can store. Also AC adapter is sold separately. If you're storing one or 2 cans of Coke or a small 1 pint bottle of milk then it should be perfect.

Swan range of Mini Fridges

Argos also stock the Swan range of thermostatic electric minifridges which come in Green (SRE10010GN), Red (SRE10010RN) and Blue (SRE10010BLN). These fridges have 17 litres of capacity, can be powered by mains adapter or 12V DC which is supplied (nice!) and have a bit of a retro style to them. For dimensions they are Height 47cm, Width 35cm and Depth 28cm. They look very cool but are expensive for what you get.

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