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Lumie Bodyclock Spark 100 Wake-Up Alarm Clock

Lumie Bodyclock Spark 100 Wake-Up Alarm Clock

EAN: 5060006628771

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Pure Siesta Rise DAB+/FM Bedside Alarm Clock - White

Pure Siesta Rise DAB+/FM Bedside Alarm Clock - White

EAN: 0759454828530

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Lumie Bodyclock Glow 150 Wake-Up Alarm Clock

Lumie Bodyclock Glow 150 Wake-Up Alarm Clock

EAN: 5060006628818

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A good nights sleep is vital to a full and productive working day. But the way you wake up is just as vital as the quality of sleep you're looking at getting.

You're probably used to using your smartphone as your alarm clock. Having it by your side isn't always the best way of getting a good nights sleep. You can be tempted to check your phone for texts and social media updates. You may have a better chance of getting a good nights sleep by leaving your phone outside the bedroom and getting a quality cheap alarm clock.

Best Features of Cheap Alarm Clocks

There's loads of different features to a modern alarm clock than just giving you a gentle wake up. From night light all the way up to sleep monitoring, a good low priced alarm clock can do them all. But there are some features that you're just best saving your money on. Let's have a look at the features to get and the ones to miss.

Dual Alarm Clocks A dual alarm option is one of the unique features available for clock radios. This feature allows the device to hold more than one alarm time, so it can go off at multiple times, as programmed in by the user. A dual alarm is perfect for married couples who wake up at separate times, or for single people who may want one alarm for workdays and a separate alarm for weekends. Some dual alarm clocks allow users to choose the alarm for one setting and music for the other, according to their preference. This is a great little feature and one you should really look to get in a cheap alarm clock.

Multiple Sound Choices Digital clocks and clock radios offer much more than an ear-piercing beep or a dull buzzing sound. Modern technology has infused digital clocks and clock radios with a world of sound options that are sure to wake even the heaviest sleeper and please the pickiest user. Here are just a few of the different ones that you can have on a low priced alarm clock.

Gradual Sounds, People want something that is able to wake even the deepest sleeper. Studies have shown that waking up gradually in the morning can help the body stay more energised throughout the day. A gradual alarm clock will start going off quietly a few minutes before the alarm is set and gradually increase the volume. Instead of being startled awake, users will wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

Nature Sounds, For many, the sound of an alarm starts the day off on a sour note. The constant beeping can make some users irritated even before they leave the bedroom. For this reason, some digital clocks and clock radios now come with nature sound options. This provides an alternative, more peaceful way to arise. Wake up to the ocean, birds, or a waterfall rather than the harsh beeping of a standard alarm or blaring talk radio.

Sound Quality, Sound quality can be an important feature on a clock radio. It can be impossible to wake up to static sounds and it is unpleasant to put up with crackling speakers. The best way to determine the sound quality of a clock radio is by the size of the speakers. Chances are, bigger speakers will mean the clock radio is tailored to deliver enhanced sound quality. Additionally, clock radios with built-in CD players or iPod connectivity will offer better sound quality.

Preset Radio Memory Preset radio memory is often taken for granted, but can be a very convenient feature in the morning. A preset radio memory function allows the radio to be set to one station for the alarm and then switch stations to catch the day's weather forecast, traffic updates and latest news. This is great for people who prefer to wake up to music, but need to hear the traffic conditions before leaving the house.

Battery Backup Many users consider a battery backup essential to keeping the clock circuitry running and to be sure the wake-up alarm will be there regardless of any power failures during the night. The backup doesn't need to keep the clock display illuminated, but it should ensure that the alarms will function and the clock will not have to be reset after a power outage. We can all see the benefits of having this feature in our alarm clocks.

Cool Design and Display Features There is always a need to keep the design of products in each home in sync with the unique style of the home, and clocks are no exception. The best clock radios should be small and sleek and fit seamlessly into the decor. Users should not sacrifice for a device that works well, but is hideous to look at. Clock radio design varies widely, as do the designs for most electronics. Therefore, be sure to find a colour and frame that fits the d├ęcor of the bedroom. A modern alarm clock and radio looks so cool in a modern looking bedroom. These are some design features that you should be taking note of:

Readable Display, Ideally, the clock display should stand out just enough to be noticeable when users are looking for the time. However, some clock radio displays with low contrast can be hard to see. The colour of the display is really about preference. For users who are sensitive to even a very dim light while sleeping, consider a red display, which gives off the least illumination and won't reflect off the ceiling or walls, or opt for a device with automatic light sensitive display dimming.

iPod/iPhone Alarm Clock Radio with Docking Station Many people tend to use their iPod or iPhone as an alarm clock. However, sometimes the alarm functions on these devices are not loud enough to wake users up in the morning. Purchasing an iPod clock radio provides the best of both worlds by allowing users to use the alarm functions on the iPod or iPhone while having the convenience of a dock. The iPod clock radio dock can help save space, time, and money, because it is multi-functional and offers a variety of alarm features.

Users can select music from an iPod or iPhone and slowly wake up to their favourite music. On the other hand, users are also able to wake up to a buzzer or a radio, if that works better. iPod/iPhone docks and clock radios also charge the user's iPod overnight, so it is ready to go fully charged in the morning. This makes an easy and convenient way for users to store and charge the iPod or iPhone. This option also allows users to select and design a custom wake-up playlist, which is infinitely more pleasant than waking up to DJs ramblings or a shrieking alarm.

Remote Control Alarm Clock A remote control is a nice additional feature offered with some clock radios. For users who prefer not to keep the clock on the nightstand, or within arm's reach, it is nice to be able to control the clock radio from anywhere in the room. An RF remote is best, since it doesn't need to be pointed directly at the alarm clock in order to work. Additionally, with an MP3 clock radio, users can control music tracks and volume levels using the remote.

Moving Alarm Clocks For users who may have a habit of hitting snooze one too many times, there are runaway alarm clocks that make hitting snooze a bit more challenging. These moving alarm clocks literally jump off the nightstand and roll away when the go off, forcing users to get out of bed to silence the alarm. These alarm clocks generally come with all-terrain wheels that let them roam throughout the bedroom on carpet or hardwood. These are great fun, as well as a unique way to wake up in a morning.

So when out on the hunt for a new alarm clock it's well worth taking note of these features and what each of them can offer to you and what's best leaving alone to help save you money. Clock radios are truly a unique product that should be purchased with specific features and abilities that accommodate the you. Digital clocks and clock radios should be purchased with design, features, and display in mind. The best selection of digital clocks is most easily found at large online and high street stores like Argos and Currys. While price is a factor in any purchase, buyers should keep in mind that clock radios, by nature, have an exceptionally long lifespan and are not generally a product that needs frequent replacing. Because of this, it is generally advised to spend a bit more on a quality product that will be used for years to come. A high quality digital clock or alarm clock radio will last a very long time so long as it is not prone to premature death by being knocked off the bed side table or treated poorly. A digital alarm clock is much more than simply a device that tells the time. The features discussed in this guide show users how unique and accessible a digital clock radio can be.

When you think about the vast amount of use you will be getting from a alarm clock and the importance that this device plays every morning. It makes sense not to scrimp to much on the price. But it's also well worth hunting around for a great deal on alarm clocks and alarm clock radios. This is why we feel Argos and Currys offer the best savings on these products and you should shop there, before checking out any other retailer.

Clock radios have come a long way from simply buzzing when it's time to wake up. They now determine how we start our day. This guide is designed to inform buyers of the unique features offered on cheap digital clocks and alarm clock radios and where to find these options at a reasonable price. In order to find a product with the additional features as mentioned here, you really can't go wrong with the massive choice of cheap alarm clocks at Currys and Argos.

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