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Tefal Fv2662 Ultraglide Anti-Scale Steam Iron, 2500W &Ndash; Black

Tefal Fv2662 Ultraglide Anti-Scale Steam Iron, 2500W &Ndash; Black

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Cheap bathroom scales and body fat scales are a great way to monitor your weight and help maintain a deathly diet. There are more people overweight than ever before, and we're told more and more that leading a healthy lifestyles is massively important for us. Anything to help us loose this weight, or just maintain this healthy lifestyle is a great bonus. With this in mind, a good quality bathroom scales, or even a cheap body fat scale is a bit of a must. Body fat scales are a really good technology, they monitor your weight, BMI (Body Mass Index), heart rate, body fat and muscle bone balance. Some go further than this, so don't go as far. Like most things, you get what you pay for.

What to Look for in a Bathroom Scale or Body Fat Scale

Before deciding what features you would like in a bathroom scale, it's best to think of what features you would like and what ones you wouldn't get much use out off. This way it will save you money on not paying for features that you wouldn't use. So if you don't want a body fat measurement and just a basic weight, then getting a simple bathroom scale will be more cost effective. You can get some really accurate digital ones that can be programmed to help keep tract of your weight lose.

If you're really on a tight budget, then a simple analog scale is the cheapest option. This basically is a sprint under the platform as a weight is placed on it, it turns the dial and shows the weight that is being pressured. I'm sure we've all seen these type of cheap bathroom scales before. One of the best things about this is that it required no power what so ever.

For a far more accurate weight measurement though, you're far better using a digital set of bathroom scales. These use electronic sensors. Modern ones can also be smart bathroom scales. Meaning they can be paired with your phone for you can see your progress and it all can be recorded.

Some of the higher end scales can measure your hydration levels and also you muscle mass. These can be in excess of over £100 though, so we'd only recommend these for people doing some serious training.

What you should get for your budget

Under £5 Bathroom Scales You can get a analogue bathroom scale for under £5. Perfect for those on a tight budget who want to monitor their weight. It may not be the most accurate, and it may not have much in the way of last ability, but we're sure it will get the job done until you can afford a better set of scales.

£5 to £15 Bathroom Scales At this price range is where you will find most of the basic digital bathroom scales. They are in a wide range of styles and colours. Argos has a load of colours in their Colour Match range of bathroom scales. These are a good, low priced bathroom scale.

£15 to £25 Bathroom Scales For this budget you'll start to see a few of the body fat measurement bathroom scales. You don't want to go to cheap on these as the measurements they give can be a little inconsistent and you'll never really know where you stand in terms of BMI and body fat. One thing to note however, is the weight read out will always be accurate, just the other measurements will not be as consistent.

£25 to £50 Bathroom Scales Now you'll be able to look at some really good body fat scales and also ones in some really cool looking designs. You can also start to look at some smart scales that pair with your smart phone. Perfect for combining with health apps for an overall healthy lifestyle.

Over £50 Bathroom Scales Pretty much tasters choice is this price bracket. You can go all the way and get the absolute best and most accurate scales on the market. Ones that will measure your hydration levels and muscle mass. Also linking up to your phone to give you a good break down of all the data it collects.

Best Retailers for Low Priced Deals on Bathroom Scales and Body Fat Scales

To get the best value for money on your bathroom scales its best to try and get them in the sales. We feel that the best place to find these offers are with some of the biggest retailers in the UK. Very, Debenhams, Tesco and Argos offer a great range of bathroom scales, from the cheapest you'll find, all the way up to the high end models, and everything in between too.

Argos is great for starting out in your home and having to buy cheap home products. They have a good history of low priced, but quality items. They have one of the cheapest analogue bathroom scales that we've found. Very and Debenhams are a little bit more high end and a good pace to shop at if your budget can stretch a bit further. Tesco are pretty much the jack of all trades and have a huge secretion of quality cheap body fat scales.

One top tip when shopping at these massive stores is to go straight to the clearance section. This is where they will put all the left over stock from the previous season. You can find discounts on bathroom scales of up to 75% here. It's not like we update our bathroom scales every year, so grab yourself a bargain and always check out the sales page.

So give your new healthy lifestyle the best chance of success and get hold of a great bathroom scales, or body fat scales and start really tracking your weight loss and make that change you've been wanting.

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