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We've created this list of the cheapest chest freezers at ASDA, Argos, Currys, Tesco and Amazon to save you time and money and because we believe having a handy freezer in the garage, kitchen or utility room is a great way to save on both your food and energy bills. Having an extra freezer around can be really handy as you can save food for later and also stock up on cheap supermarket deals knowing that you can use them at a much later date. Knowing you have plenty of extra freezer storage space means you don't have to worry about not eat your groceries in time. Cheap chest freezers are great because they are very low cost to run, can be save you money on your food and require very little maintenance. What's also great about these low cost chest freezers is that they are perfect for putting in the corner of a utility room, garage or even shed mean that you save precious space in your busy kitchen.

Main questions to ask when looking for a chest freezer

  • Is the chest freezer going to be big enough? Is it too big?
  • What's the energy rating for the chest freezer?
  • Are they suitable for garages and outbuildings?
  • How long can I store food for in a chest freezer?
  • Is it better for me to order from Currys, ASDA, Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons - or is it better to order online from Amazon, AO, Appliances Direct, John Lewis?

Our list of the cheapest chest freezers are constantly updated with the latest prices and suppliers so you can easily find something that's low cost and gets the job done, are energy efficient and keep your food froozen such as froozen meats and vegetables. We've tried to include products from the top budget suppliers in the UK such as Amazon, Argos, B&Q, Hughes, BHS Direct and Homebase so you can buy with confidence with a brand you recognise. Please rate, comment and vote on the best options so you can help other visitors with their decisions.

We have lots of small chest freezers on this page and these can sometimes be all you need because they are the cheapest to run, cheapest to buy and also take up a lot less space. A small chest freezer, also known as a mini chest freezer or a slimline chest freezer, are the most popular choice because they have a good amount of storage capacity without costing too much for the actual freezer and to run year on year. If you think about how compact these are they will cost less to keep cool. Tip: Be sure to check the cost of the chest freezer along with the electricity to run it for a year. This could help you decide which one to buy depending on the low running costs. Sometimes we'll list a small chest freezer on sale but these are less common as they are already pretty cheap compared to the medium and large sized ones.

Our selection of low cost large chest freezers is worth looking over as these are the ones that mostly go on sale. The large capacity freezers don't sell as much as the small ones but they perfect if you have the space and don't mind spending a little extra. They generally tend to be cheaper to run too as have higher quality components that come with it. Again, make sure you check the dimensions of the space (be it garage, outbuilding, utility room) as these can get heavy. Also make sure you can wire them up in the space you have available.

Some of the smallest chest freezers from popular stores such as Asda, John Lewis, Currys and Amazon are going to give you the best price. They probably wont be A rated or be from the big brands such as Bosch but they will do the job and do it well. They'll probably have a 2 year warrenty to keep you happy and you'll find some of the cheapest chest freezers from Hotpoint, Electrolux, Proline and Beko. AO do some fantastic chest freezers but they aren't known for supplying cheap goods so read the reviews and see if your selections are worth the extra price. Also see if the frost free chest freezers are what you require as can save you a lot of defrosting and cleaning each year.

If you're willing to pay a little extra then why not go for a nice a cheap black chest freezer because they often don't sell as well as the white versions and can often be found in clearance for a much better price.

A Currys chest freezer is always a good start if you're looking for a great range that are both affordable and energy efficient. Currys stock chest freezers from 60 litres to 600 litres and have all the ones in-between for an affordable prices. It's a perfect place to find a great one on sale and they often have a few deals and offers to get the prices down even lower.

If you're looking for some of the "cheap chest freezer near me" then a great place to start for a really cheap chest freezer for sale is probably local stores such as Argos, Currys and ASDA but for the best priced it's going to be eBay and Gumtree that tick all the boxes. While ASDA, Currys and Argos provide great prices the lowest priced chest freezers are going to be second hand and something you have to pickup your self. Superb bargains on chest freezers can be found with the eBay local pickup only options so just check the warranty period on the chest freezer along with the condition. Also make sure you give this a really good clean when you get it home before using it!

Currys Chest Freezers

If you want selection then take a good look at Currys chest freezers section on as they probably have the best selection that can be delivered to your home or a local Currys store near you. If all the Currys chest freezers are out of stock then be sure to look into products named "mini freezers" and "under counter freezer" and "table top freezer" as they perform very similar but aren't as good for keeping food for longer and more efficiently for the power consumption. Also consider a slimline chest freezer if you're out of options.

Saying that if you're going to find a cheap chest freezer for under 100 then using our Currys list below will be your best bet.

Are Large Chest Freezers Better?

Many people think having a large chest freezer is always better, but you really should consider how much you're realistically going to store and how long this food will last. Large chest freezers (like you can buy from John Lewis) are much more expensive than small to medium chest freezers and you'll probably find you store more but you'll keep food far longer than you should. That combined with the much bigger footprint and the power consumption really does question if a small to medium sized chest freezer is better for the home, garage or outbuilding.

Chest Freezer Deals, Offers, Sales And The Bargain Best Price Chest Freezer

Honestly a cheap bargain chest freezer is often all you need if you're buying your first one and a AO chest freezer is a great place to start for a best priced chest freezer with plenty of good reviews, detailed specs and expert advice and installation options. AO chest freezers may not be the cheapest chest freezer UK or the best priced, but they certainly deliver on customer service and help when you need it.

If all you came here for is the best price chest freezer then the best place to start is using our list for the cheapest Currys chest freezer or a best priced option from Argos, ASDA or Wilko. They have the lowest prices around for a chest freezer in the UK, have stock nationwide for local pickup and have great delivery options. They also have a good amount of chest freezer deals on all the time so you can easily find the best price chest freezer without much shopping around.

Our site hunts down and updates the best offers and sales on chest freezers every hour so you can find great bargains if you're looking, for example, for cheap chest freezers for sale under £100 or the cheapest chest freezer Argos etc. An Argos chest freezer is a good option as they have some of the best small cheap chest freezers around including cheap options such as the Bush BCF99L. Many of the cheap options for Argos are included in our cheap chest freezers for sale list but be sure to keep an eye on our chest freezer sale section for the latest daily offers, and don't forget the ones that are always low in price with great reviews. Special offers are mostly found on the small chest freezers but you can get great reductions in price on the large chest freezers too from Argos and Currys.

We're also going to show you some cheap chest freezers under £100, some of the best chest freezers for sale and some of the best options for a small chest freezer, medium and large with different litre capacity and functions. We get a lot of requests for people searching for cheap chest freezers at Asda but sadly Asda have stopped selling chest freezers on their website. We have great low prices on black chest freezers because they are not as common as the white ones so sometimes good sales can be found for these.

Sometimes we're looking for a bigger option so we also have guides for the cheapest american fridge freezers along with a standard fridge freezer guide.

Cheap Chest Freezers From Argos, Currys, AO, ASDA, Tesco, Amazon

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