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Body Sculpture Aero Strider

Body Sculpture Fan Elliptical Trainer


Body Sculpture Programmable Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer

Body Sculpture Programmable Magnetic Elliptical Trainer with iConsole

Body Sculpture Programmable Magnetic Elliptical Trainer with iConsole

Body Sculpture Programmable Magnetic Elliptical Trainer with iConsole

Davina Magnetic 2-in-1 Cross Trainer and Exercise Bike

Dynamix 2-in-1 Magnetic Elliptical Strider

Everlast Everfit XV9 Cross Trainer

HealthRider 1100 Elliptical

HealthRider 1100 Elliptical Cross Trainer

HealthRider 1250 Cross Trainer

High Street TV MaxiClimber Machine

Matt Roberts Air Cross Trainer with Bluetooth

Opti 2 in 1 Cross Trainer and Exercise Bike

Pro Fitness 2 in 1 Exercise Bike and Cross Trainer

Pro Fitness Air Cross Trainer

Pro Fitness New Magnetic Cross Trainer

Pro-Form 225 CSE Elliptical Trainer

Pro-Form 450 LE Elliptical Trainer

Pro-Form 600 Space Saver Elliptical Trainer

Pro-Form 605 Elliptical Trainer

Pro-Form 900 ZLE Elliptical Cross Trainer

Pro-Form Endurance 420e Elliptical Trainer

Pro-Form Endurance 720e Elliptical Trainer

Pro-Form Pandora 2 Cross Trainer

ProForm 225 CSE Elliptical Trainer

ProForm 450 LE Elliptical Trainer

ProForm 520 E Elliptical Trainer

ProForm 7.0 Elliptical Trainer

ProForm 900 ZLE Cross Trainer

ProForm Endurance 420 E Elliptical Trainer

ProForm Endurance 720 E Elliptical Trainer

ProForm Pandora 2 Elliptical Cross Trainer

ProForm Space Saver 600 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Reebok GX40s One Series Cross Trainer

Reebok Jet 100 Series Cross Trainer

Reebok One GX50 Cross Trainer

Reebok One Series GX60 Cross Trainer

Reebok TX1.0 Cross Trainer

Reebok ZR10 Cross Trainer

Reebok ZR8 Electronic Cross Trainer

Reebok ZR9 Cross Trainer

Roger Black Gold Cross Trainer

Roger Black Gold Magnetic Cross Trainer

Roger Black Gold Magnetic Cross Trainer and Exercise Bike

Roger Black Platinum Cross Trainer

Roger Black Plus Magnetic Cross Trainer

Roger Black Silver Magnetic Cross Trainer and Exercise Bike

UNO Fitness XE1000 Magnetic Cross Trainer

UNO Fitness XE2000 Magnetic Cross Trainer

UNO Fitness XE4000 Magnetic Cross Trainer

V-Fit 2-in-1 Cycle and Elliptical Cross Trainer

V-fit AET2 Air Elliptical Trainer

V-Fit AL-16/1CE MAG 2-in-1 Cycle-Elliptical Trainer

V-Fit AL-16/1E Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

V-fit CY022 Magnetic 2 in 1 Trainer Cycle

V-fit CY092 Manual Magnetic 2 in 1 Cycle

V-fit CY097 Magnetic 2 in 1 Trainer Cycle

V-fit EL065 Magnetic Cross Trainer

V-fit EL070 Manual Magnetic Cross Trainer

V-fit EL071 Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer

V-fit G-CET Magnetic 2-in-1 Cycle-Elliptical Trainer

V-fit MCCT1 Magnetic 2-in-1 Cycle-Elliptical Trainer

V-Fit Mistral Air Eliptical Trainer

V-Fit MMCE-1 Manual Magnetic 2-in-1 Cycle-Elliptical Trainer

V-Fit MME-1 Manual Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

V-Fit MTE-3 Manual Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

V-fit MTE3 Magnetic Cross Elliptical Trainer

V-Fit PMCE-1 Programmable Magnetic 2-in-1 Cycle

V-Fit PME-1 Programmable Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

V-Fit Series 2-in-1 Magnetic Elliptical Cycle

Xterra Fitness FS3.9e Elliptical Cross Trainer

Xterra Fitness FS5.6e Elliptical Cross Trainer

York 110 Cross Trainer

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Adidas Xtrainer Machine

Adidas Xtrainer Machine

EAN: 0885652006309

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A cheap cross trainer, or elliptical machine as they are sometimes known are quite simply one of the best low impact and high intensity workout machines you can buy. The latest cross trainers are very high tech and are perfectly ergonomic to help you reach your workout goals.

More and more people are choosing to workout at home as oppose going out to the gym. It's both easier and far cheaper too. If you've ever been to the gym at peak hours you've probably seen the cross trainers, but more than likely not been able to get on it. These elliptical machines are usually the go to machines for people wanting to get a low impact cardio work out in.

So the perfect solution to this is to get one in your own home. We strongly recommend you take your time looking into a good cheap cross trainer and get the perfect one just for you. This way it will hit your fitness level and you'll get some consistent good use out of it.

Cross trainers, or ellipticals are so popular as they do give you an all over workout. You're hitting legs, back, glutes, abs, arms, just about every major muscle group you can hit all at once. You can also change the resistance level to, giving you the option of going for a high speed cardio, to more of a resistance strength workout. All this will the bonus of an on-board computer to help you track your distances and speed, so you can keep improving with every use.

So with all this in mind there are a few things to consider to make sure you get the best value for money cross trainer. Here are what to look out for:

Stability is really important with a decent elliptical as you will want to go at a high tempo at some point and the last thing that you'll want to happen is for the cross trainer to fall over with you on it. The golden rule used to be that the heavier the better, as this offers the most stability. But the really high end machines have excellent balance and can take a real pounding without much in the way of sideways movement.

Resistance levels are another good thing to look out for in a quality cross trainer. The more resistance levels you can get the more choice of workouts you can choose from. This gives you an overall better range of fitness targets and keeps your body guessing. There are two main types of ways that cross trainers provide resistance. They are a fan wheel cross trainer. These are usually found on cheaper machines and work by applying a brake to a wheel when you want more tension. These can be a little noisy and the level of resistance will diminish over time as the brakes get worn. The other is a magnetic resistance cross trainer. These offer a far smoother ride and are also quieter than a fan wheel cross trainer. They are more expensive though.

Display screens that come in workout equipment vary greatly in quality and it's well worth looking for the best one for your budget on a cross trainer. The better ones will provide data on distance, stride speed, time taken and try and look for a heart rate sensor too. Some of the higher end ones will sync to your phone all the data of a workout so you can easily see your progress.

Pre-program workouts are also a bit of a mush have on a quality cross trainer. There are a load of different choices all geared towards different goals. Some of the higher end models will have some really interesting options too. Things like climbing the Eiffel Tower and cycling around lake in France. There is also the option to make any of these set workouts easier or harder at the push of a button.

Cross trainers with stride length adjustment are also a really good feature. If you're of average height then this is not so much of an issue, but if you're taller or shorter than average then this may lead to injuries if you're not careful.

A duel direction fly wheel allows you to move the pedals on your cross trainer in both directions. This is perfect for switching up your workouts and getting the most out of them. It is usually only of the higher end, or mid range cross trainers.

High tech features aren't really a necessity, but if you have a really good budget they are worth getting. You can get cross trainers with a MPS system and speakers built in, or with a screen that can be hooked up with live TV. A fan is also a good feature to have as this will help cool you down on longer workouts.

Cross trainers can vary greatly in price from a cheap one at around £100, all the way up to an high quality elliptical at over £1000. So you won't be wasting your money it's best to choose the one thats best for you and only get the features that you'll think you will be using. Trying before you buy is defiantly something we think you should do. So go round the fitness stores and test them out. Another thing to make sure you do is check the space of the area where you want to do the workouts and see if the cross trainer can fit. 6 feet is the average length of a cross trainer, but the better models might be bigger and will need a bigger space.

Argos cross trainers are really good quality and they have some good brands to look at too. They have the Reebok cross trainers and also V-Fit ones. All at really low prices. Very have a wide range of Pro-Form cross trainers and these are getting some really good reviews by previous customers. We feel these stores offer the best money saving deals and give great sales on their cross trainers so we'd always recommend looking at these sites first.

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