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BaByliss for Men 'PowerGlide Titanium' hair clippers 7448TU

BaByliss For Men 7447BU Power Glide Pro Clipper Set

BaByliss For Men 7448DGU Clipper Gift Set

BaByliss For Men 7471U Titanium Nitride Clippers

BaByliss For Men 7474U Ceramic Smooth Cut Clipper

BaByliss For Men 7475RU Super Clipper Red

BaByliss For Men 7575U Smooth Glide Self Hair Clipper

BaByliss for Men Carbon Steel Clipper

BaByliss For Men Powerlight Pro hair clippers 7498CU

BaByliss For men titanium nitride hair clipper 7471U

BaByliss Professional hair clipper gift set 7448DGU

Braun New Braun Series 3 Multi Groom Face and Head Kit

Philips OneBlade Pro Hybrid Trimmer and Shaver with 12-Length Comb (UK 2-Pin Bathroom Plug)- QP6510/30

Philips OneBlade Pro Hybrid Trimmer and Shaver with 14-Length Comb (UK 2-Pin Bathroom Plug)- QP6520/30

Philips OneBlade Replacement Blade - 1 Pack - QP210/50

Philips OneBlade Replacement Blade, Pack of 2 - QP220/50

Philips Philips Series 3000 9-in-1 Multi Grooming Kit for Beard and Hair with Nose Trimmer Attachment - MG3722/33

Philips Philips Series 3000 Hair Clipper with Stainless Steel Blades (Cordless) - HC3520/13

Philips Philips Series 5000 11-in-1 Multi Grooming Kit for Beard, Hair and Body with Nose Trimmer Attachment - MG5730/33

Philips Series 5000 Hair Clipper with Titanium Blades including Beard and Hair Combs - HC5450/83

Philips Series 7000 Hair Clipper with Motorised Combs - HC7460/13

Philips Series 9000 Hair Clipper for Ultimate Precision with 400 Length Settings - HC9450/13

Remington HC366 Stylist Hair Clipper - with FREE extended guarantee*

Remington HC5035 Colour Cut Hair Clipper

Remington PG350 All-in-one Grooming Kit

Wahl 'Clip N Trim' clipper kit 79900-800

Wahl 'Elite Pro' high performance hair cutting kit 79602-017

Wahl 'Homepro Basic' clipper kit 9155-217

Wahl 'Vogue Deluxe' clipper kit 79305-810

Wahl 79900/803 Clip 'n' Trim

Wahl Clipper Kit Lithium Power Blue SPL

Wahl Cord/cordless hair clipper kit 9655-417

Wahl Cordless colour pro clipper 9649-017

Wahl Elite Pro Clipper Kit

Wahl Lithium power clipper SPL 796001-805

Wahl Lithium Ultimate Clipper Kit Cord/Cordless

Wahl Vogue Deluxe Duo

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BaByliss Professional hair clipper gift set 7448DGU
Was £60.00
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BaByliss Professional hair clipper gift set 7448DGU

BaByliss Professional hair clipper gift set 7448DGU


Was £60.00
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BaByliss Professional hair clipper gift set 7448DGU
£30.00 - Was £60.00

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What to look for in a Quality Cheap Hair Clippers

More and more people are opting to use hair clippers to do their own hair grooming. There's many good points to this, it saves money, makes it easier as not more trips to barbers are needed, and if you've short hair that needs cutting more often, modern clippers can do a really professional job. They aren't just for those who like the shaved head look any more. You can do some decent fade cuts and neck shaves. They also handy for having around for giving the kids a quick trim when there hair is getting long. Basically every home should have a decent set of quality cheap hair clippers lying around.

Electric hair clippers have been around for longer than most people realise. They first came about around 1920, and quickly became popular for giving quick shaved head hair cuts. Thankfully, they are a lot more versatile these days. Most of them still have a power cord, especially the cheaper hair clippers, but you can get them cordless now. Hair clippers work by having a motor power two separate stainless steal blades that move side to side against each other cutting the hair that gets between them. There are now a wide range of different attachments that allow for different styles and cut at different lengths.

Hair Clipper Attachments

To get the most out of a modern set of hair clippers it's best to look for ones that have the most attachments. These are generally more expensive, but it will give you far more options than just the basic cut. Here's a look at the best attachments and the ones you're most likely to get in a set of clippers.

Hair Trimmer Guards The vast majority of hair clippers should come with at least a basic few guards. Guards help to keep the length that you want to a consistent level. Hair Clipper guards are numbered, 0 being no guard and going up in length. A basic clipper set should have a number 2, number 4 and a number 6 at least. Be aware that the number systems isn't standard amongst the manufactures so some may be different to others.

Hair Scissors A good quality cheap hair clippers set should have some good hair scissors in it. This is a good way to get a better hair cut finish from the set. It's good for giving you more options than just an all over shave. It may even help brush up your hair cutting skills.

Comb A good clipper set should have at least one barber comb. This can be combined with the clippers to change the length of the shave without using the guards. This does take a certain amount of skill though, so best only tried if you've a willing student.

Blade Guard This basically helps to protect the blades that are on the hair clippers from getting damaged. You should always fully clean the blades and make sure they are dry before packing away.

Storage Case Helps to keep all the different pieces of your hair clippers all in one place so you don't loose any of the guards, or other accessories.

Cleaning Brushes These make it a lot easier to clean all the cut hair from the blades after use. You should brush the blades clean after each and every use of the hair clippers.

Oil Oil helps to protect the blades and prevent them from rusting. This will give you a longer life from you hair clippers, which is better value for money.

Cordless Hair Clippers

One thing that we feel is a bit of a must have in a set of hair clippers is a cordless set of clippers. Ones that need to be plugged in are cheaper and good if you're a barber, but the cordless ones these days are just as powerful and gives you far more versatility. If you do your beard with hair clippers, then this allows you to do this in your bathroom mirror without having to mess around with plugging it in. This alone is worth the extra money they cost. Just make sure you read up some customer reviews to make sure the battery is a good one and you're good to go.

Best Hair Clippers Brands

There's some really good hair clipper brands that we are sure you ill have heard of. There's also a few lesser known brands, that are great value for money hair clipper set's. We'll look at the brands and see which are worth the extra money and see which ones are to cheap to bother with.

Braun Braun are by far one of the biggest names in grooming products. There amount of different mens hair clipper sets that they have is really good. They have some cheaper ones too. Some of the more expensive Braun hair clippers are best left for those who can get the most out of a clipper set. They are very good, and provide a quality hair trim.

Remington These are another very well known hair grooming brand. We really feel these offer some of the best value for money hair clippers on the market. For under £30 you can get a hair clipper and a procession trimmer. Perfect for giving some fine detail to your hair.

Wahl This is one of the more higher end hair clipper brands. They are known for making quality clipper sets that will last for ages. They have a great battery on them and will last for many uses before needing a charge.

BaByliss For a good value for money brand of hair clippers, BaByliss have some great ones to choose from. They have some cheaper ones, but also some high end clippers to. Complete with all the accessories you'll ever need from a good cheap hair clipper set.

Philips Philips make some of the cheapest hair clipper sets that you'll find. This doesn't mean that they're not of a decent quality though. We feel that you can get a good cheap Philips hair clipper set that is good for men who are just after basic all over shave.

Using Hair Clippers Save Money

Men who are used to getting their hair cut often will make some great savings on buying a good quality set of hair clippers. More more expensive trips to the barbers. No doubt, you'll make the money back on a set of clippers within 2 months, so it's worth making sure you get a decent set so you know they'll last.

It's also well worth checking out any sales deals on hair clippers and looking around the clearence section for cheap deals on hair clippers at Argos, Very and Debenhams. These offer some good money saving hair clippers every time a new model is brought out.

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