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Amelia King Size Fabric Headboard

Aria King Size Fabric Headboard

Augusta Headboard

Ava King Size Fabric Headboard

BBC Hermia King Size Fabric Headboard

BBC Oberon King Size Fabric Headboard

Bella King Size Fabric Headboard

Bentley Designs Rimini Aged Oak and Weathered Oak Headboard King Size Wooden Headboard

Chloe King Size Fabric Headboard

Classic Alabama Headboard

Classic Columbia Headboard

Classic Fairfield Headboard

Classic Newark Headboard

Classic Stamford Headboard

Demetrius King Size Fabric Headboard

Ella King Size Fabric Headboard

Emily King Size Fabric Headboard

Evie King Size Fabric Headboard

Flaxby Gransmore Headboard

Flaxby Harrogate Headboard

Flaxby Hebden Headboard

Freya King Size Fabric Headboard

Garland Headboard

Gladstone Headboard

Grace King Size Fabric Headboard

Griffith Headboard

Harper King Size Fabric Headboard

Hugo Headboard

Hypnos Alexandra King Size Fabric Headboard

Hypnos Eleanor - Strutted King Size Fabric Headboard

Hypnos Eleanor Headboard

Hypnos Emily - Euro Slim King Size Fabric Headboard

Hypnos Emily - Strutted King Size Fabric Headboard

Hypnos Fiona - Strutted King Size Fabric Headboard

Hypnos Francesca King Size Fabric Headboard

Hypnos Grace - Euro Slim King Size Fabric Headboard

Hypnos Grace - Strutted King Size Fabric Headboard

Hypnos Harriet Headboard

Hypnos Harriet King Size Fabric Headboard

Hypnos Isobella - Euro Slim King Size Fabric Headboard

Hypnos Isobella - Strutted King Size Fabric Headboard

Hypnos Josephine - Euro Slim King Size Fabric Headboard

Hypnos Petra - Strutted King Size Fabric Headboard

Hypnos Sophia King Size Fabric Headboard

Isabelle King Size Fabric Headboard

Ivy King Size Fabric Headboard

Layla King Size Fabric Headboard

Lily King Size Fabric Headboard

Lizzie Metal Headboard

Logan USB Port Headboard

Lucy King Size Fabric Headboard

Luxury Canberra Winged Headboard

Luxury Hatton Headboard

Luxury Iowa Headboard

Luxury Lever Headboard

Luxury Queensland Headboard

Luxury Ripley Headboard

Lysander King Size Fabric Headboard

Melton Headboard

Mia King Size Fabric Headboard

New Design Katie - Coffee

New Design Madison Rust Stripe Chenille King Size Fabric Headboard

New Design Venus - Tan King Size Fabric Headboard

Olivia King Size Fabric Headboard

Poppy King Size Fabric Headboard

Rosie King Size Fabric Headboard

Ruby King Size Fabric Headboard

Sealy Roseville Headboard

Sienna King Size Fabric Headboard

Silentnight Bluebell Headboard

Silentnight Dahlia Headboard

Silentnight Gerdinia Headboard

Silentnight Marigold Headboard

Sleepeezee Florentine Headboard

Sleepeezee Panama Headboard

Sleepmotion 200i Headboard

Sleepmotion 900i Headboard

Snuggle Beds Columbus Black Headboard King Size Leather Headboard

Snuggle Beds Columbus Brown Headboard

Snuggle Beds Diaz Brown Headboard

Sophie King Size Fabric Headboard

Swanglen Cairo Strutted King Size Fabric Headboard

TheraPur Bracken Headboard

TheraPur Juniper Headboard

TheraPur Lulworth Headboard

TheraPur Nocturne Headboard

TheraPur Verona Headboard

Whitworth Headboard

Willow King Size Fabric Headboard

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Classic Newark Headboard

Classic Newark Headboard

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Griffith Headboard

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A good quality cheap king size headboard is a must have to complete the look of a quality bedroom with a king size bed in it. Headboards haven't always been about looks however, centuries ago, they served to isolate sleepers from drafts and cold in less insulated buildings, and thus were made of wood, which is less conductive than stone or brick and are constructed to create space from the wall, allowing colder air to sink to the floor rather than onto the bed. History lesson over. These days, since homes are more heated and insulated, headboards are used for aesthetic functions. Now though, headboards can serve as different uses and have been brought to a higher level like being a storage area for books and other items. A headboard may often be complemented by a footboard for aesthetic balance. Some of the higher end beds with fitted headboards, will have footboards that feature built in TV's. Some things have moved a long way since the days of keeping off the cold air.

There are so many headboard designs and materials that one can use as long as it looks appropriate for the bedroom. Although, some beds really come with a headboard, some people prefer to create or choose one that is unique and would suit to their needs. There are things that one needs to consider in choosing headboard. Let us take a look at the points stated below.

Decide on your bedroom’s interior. Your home would have an interior design concept. And this of course, includes your bedroom. It is even given an exclusive attention when designing a bedroom because it is a personal and private room. So, decide on what kind of theme and style you want for the bedroom. This can help you choose the kind of headboard to use and the design to apply.

Know your budget. This is very important if you want to get value fro money and also save money too. Of course, you have to determine how much your budget for your headboard is. This can help you choose what materials to use. You can create one if you do not have much budget. It can even give you more freedom in choosing for the design. But you can also buy a bed that already has a good looking headboard. Although that would give you no other choice but stick to that headboard. If you want to add something, you can place it at the back of the headboard on your wall so you can still have the effect of having a creative headboard, and still giving your bedroom you own personnel touch.

Know your ceiling height. It is important for you to determine the height of the ceiling in choosing your new cheap king size headboard. If your ceiling is low, then you can have headboards that are not so tall. But if your ceiling is high, you can consume the height of the wall for your headboard. These full height headboards are very popular with modern looking bedrooms.

Choose soft materials. You can add a soft touch to your bedroom by using soft materials. It can be ideal if you use cheap upholstered king size headboards especially if you get used to leaning on your headboard. It is best for comfort and can also look striking when you use colours and patterns creatively. You can use buttoned headboards that give your room a modern look with its sleek lines and streamlined shapes. It can even look luxurious and comfortable. You can also use leather to get a modern to contemporary look. There is a more varied choice of materials than you think and more designs out there than just the boring low priced rectangle king size headboards.

Choose hard materials. Your bedroom ambience can be affected with the furniture you place. So, after deciding the interior of your home, choose your headboard. You can also use wood for more bold lines and masculine look. It can also be great for a country-style bedroom. Wooden headboards on a country style home are the perfect fit. You may also use metal headboards to give your room a chic and urban feel.

Be creative with your headboards. Aside from those mentioned, you can be more creative with the headboard design by using other materials. There are really no rules as to what you should use for the headboard. As long as it is safe for you, then that would be good. You can re-use wooden doors, screens, or you can place mural and other wall arts. Just be sure that it suits to the entire look of the bedroom. And you give it a quality looking finish.

Consider functionality. The headboard is not just about style and design. But it can also have a good function. Some uses headboards to create a divider for their bedroom. Some place shelves behind it so it can be utilised. Others make it as storage areas for linens and beddings. There are different ways to make use of your headboards. So think about how much room is in your bedroom and if you can make use of a functional low priced king size headboard.

Consider the height of the people using it. This would be necessary especially if you use a bed with headboards connected to the canopy. See to it that it won’t be too low for tall people. Children’s headboards can be shorter since they are smaller than the adults. Make sure that it would give them comfort when they sit and lean on it. And make sure to pick out a colourful, attractive headboard that your children will warm too.

Determine the size of the headboard. The headboard size can create a different look to your bedroom. Oversized headboards can create a bold, sophisticated and contemporary look. You can observe that once the headboard is big, it can create a different personality for your bedroom. But you can also use small headboards which creates a minimal look. One rule is never get a headboard that is narrower than the bed. A king size bed should always have at least a king size headboard.

Look for inspiration. If you do not have an idea as to what to do with your headboard, then look for inspiration. You can browse the internet for there are so many headboard designs that you can see. You can also visit bedroom furniture shops and look at their headboard designs. Dreams and Mattress Man have a load to choose from and plenty to give you inspiration. For a good selection of cheap king size headboards, then head over to Argos and see the ones on offer from them. If you do that, you will not just see designs but you can also get the idea as to how much you would need.

Well, a headboard may not be one of your primary focus in designing the bedroom but you would realise its impact to the entire bedroom once you see fabulous headboard designs. The showcase above could even urge you to create one for your bed. Just be creative and consider the headboard’s function. You may want to look into other bedroom design tips and ideas to help you design your room. Feel free to browse these tips so you can achieve the bedroom design you want.

So our top tip is to go out there and be creative, find that best low priced king size headboards that suits your taste and style. Make sure you look at all the different shapes and materials, and pick a realistic budget and stick to it.

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