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Airsprung Anaya Single Headboard - Grey

Airsprung Cohen Single Headboard - Grey

Airsprung Dalham Grey Headboard - Single

Airsprung Dalham Light Blue Headboard - Single

Airsprung Ellaria Single Headboard - Purple

Airsprung Ellaria Single Headboard - Silver

Airsprung Harper Single Headboard - Blue

Airsprung Hebdon Single Headboard - Pewter

Airsprung Hollis Single Headboard - Cream

Airsprung Hollis Single Headboard - Grey

Airsprung Maxwell Single Headboard - Grey

Airsprung Maxwell Single Headboard - Ivory

Airsprung Nile Single Headboard - Blue

Airsprung Nile Single Headboard - Grey

Airsprung Penrose Single Headboard - Grey

Airsprung Ramsay Single Headboard - Graphite

Airsprung Shawbury Headboard - Single

Airsprung Shawbury Single Headboard - Light Grey

Alabama Classic Fabric Headboard

Alderley Metal Single Headboard - Ivory

Alpha - BarleySingle

Alpha - CoffeeSingle

Atlanta Oak HeadboardSingle

Atlanta Two Tone HeadboardSingle

Bella StruttedSingle

Cairo StruttedSingle

Carrick Headboard onlySingle

Charlotte - Euro WideSingle

Cleopatra Strutted Single

Clola Headboard onlySingle

Collection Aubrey Single Headboard - Oakstain

Collection Aubrey Single Headboard - White

Collection Bircham Light Grey Headboard - Single

Collection Bircham Natural Headboard - Single

Collection Grafton Single Headboard - Oak Stain

Collection Grafton Single Headboard - Two Tone Grey

Collection Grafton Single Headboard - White

Columbia Headboard - Black

Columbia Headboard - Brown

Columbia Headboard - Classic Beige

Columbia Headboard - Cream


Deep ButtonedSingle

Eleanor - StruttedSingle

Elizabeth - Winged Euro WideSingle

Emily - Euro SlimSingle

Emily - StruttedSingle

Fairfield Classic Headboard

Fiona - StruttedSingle


Florence - StruttedSingle

Forty Winks Danby Single Headboard - Plum


Grace - Euro SlimSingle

Grace - StruttedSingle

Gransmore Headboard - Ash

Gransmore Headboard - Mocha

Gransmore Headboard - Natural

Gransmore Headboard - Steel

Gransmore Headboard - Stone


Harrogate Headboard - Ash

Harrogate Headboard - Mocha

Harrogate Headboard - Natural

Harrogate Headboard - Steel

Harrogate Headboard - Stone

Hatton Luxury Headboard - Dark Grey

Heart of House Avignon Single Headboard - White

Hebden Headboard - Ash

Hebden Headboard - Mocha

Hebden Headboard - Natural

Hebden Headboard - Steel

Hebden Headboard - Stone

Hepburn Headboard onlySingle


HOME Alderley Single Headboard - Black

HOME Alderley Single Headboard - Grey

HOME Alex Single Headboard - Black

HOME Alex Single Headboard - Chocolate Brown

HOME Alex Single Headboard - Grey

Iowa Woven Luxury Fabric Headboard

Isobella - Euro SlimSingle

Isobella - StruttedSingle

Josephine - Euro SlimSingle

Juliet - StruttedSingle

Katherine - Winged Euro WideSingle

Katie - CoffeeSingle

Katie - Linen TexturedSingle

Katie - MochaSingle

Lever Luxury Headboard - Ash

Luxor Strutted Single



Melton Wooden Headboard



Newark Headboard - Black

Newark Headboard - Brown

Newark Headboard - Classic Beige

Newark Headboard - Cream


Onslow Ivory Metal Headboard

Paris - Euro WideSingle


Petra - StruttedSingle

Queensland Luxury Headboard - Ash

Rockdale Brown Faux Leather Headboard

Rushden Single Headboard - Black

Silentnight Bresica Sandstone Single Headboard - Neutral

Silentnight Castello Single Headboard - Charcoal

Silentnight Castello Single Headboard - Light Grey

Silentnight Derwent Single Headboard - Charcoal

Silentnight Derwent Single Headboard - Light Grey

Silentnight Garda Single Headboard - Light Grey

Silentnight Garda Single Headboard - Natural

Silentnight Llubi Single Headboard - Charcoal

Silentnight Llubi Single Headboard - Light Grey

Silentnight Llubi Single Headboard - Natural

Silentnight Milan Single Headboard - Black

Silentnight Milan Single Headboard - Charcoal

Silentnight Milan Single Headboard - Light Grey

Silentnight Milan Single Headboard - Natural

Silentnight Roma Single Headboard - Charcoal

Silentnight Roma Single Headboard - Sandstone

Silentnight Roma Single Headboard - Slate Grey

Silentnight Sassaria Single Headboard - Ebony

Silentnight Sassaria Single Headboard - Grey

Silentnight Sassaria Single Headboard - Sandstone

Silentnight Selene Single Headboard - Pewter

Silentnight Selene Single Headboard - Sandstone

Silentnight Toulouse Single Headboard

Silentnight Toulouse Single Headboard - Ebony

Silentnight Toulouse Single Headboard - Sandstone

Silentnight Vin Single Headboard

Silentnight Vincenza Single Headboard - Charcoal

Sleepeezee Medway Fabric Headboard

Sleepeezee Severn Fabric Headboard

Sleepeezee Trent Fabric Headboard

Sleepeezee Tyne Fabric Headboard


Stamford Headboard - Classic Beige


TheraPur Embrace Fabric Headboard

TheraPur Escape Fabric Headboard

TheraPur Radiant Fabric Headboard

Turin Single

Venus - Blue StripeSingle

Venus - Cerise StripeSingle

Victoria - Euro SlimSingle

Vienna - Winged Euro WideSingle

Virginia HeadboardSingle

Whitworth Luxury Headboard - Charcoal

Young Airsprung Elliott Single Headboard - Blue

Young Airsprung Elliott Single Headboard - Pink

Zodiac LeatherSingle

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Petra - StruttedSingle

Petra - StruttedSingle

Mattress Man

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HOME Alex Single Headboard - Black

HOME Alex Single Headboard - Black

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While picking a cheap headboard for single bed, it’s normally best to consider which styles will suit the nom the best. Since single beds are located in smaller rooms that the average, it's important not to swamp the room in a headboard that is too big.

As we spend more time in our bedroom than any other room in our home its of the utmost importance that we make is as comfortable and personable as possible. You bedroom should reflect your personality and taste, yet be conducive to a good nights sleep. Getting the right cheap single headboard may not seem like the most important thing to aid this, but all the little things add up to a really important balance of a well rested body.

Take into account the style of the room. Is it traditional or is it contemporary. The style of room will determine the style of headboard you should go for. If its a new bedroom design think about the style you want to achieve e.g. classical, contemporary, minimalist etc. If it's for a child, which most single beds will be for, then consider getting one aimed at your child and depending on the age. The cheaper single headboards for children market is pretty varied so should be easy to find one that suits your taste and budget.

Take into the account the person that’s using the bedroom? For example a children's bedroom will require a different headboard to that chosen for a Master Bedroom. To save money and make a unique single headboard for your child's room, why not buy a plain one, they are really cheap to buy at Argos, and then you and your child can design a pattern on it together.

Also take into account the use of headboard. Questions to ask are, will it be a shared headboard? Is there an avid reader who wants to sit up against the headboard and therefore requires extra comfort? Look at what other items in the room. Is there a TV, if so you will more than likely want to sit up in bed to watch it and once again comfort is of the utmost importance?

Take into account the height of your ceilings and the size of your room…an over sized headboard may not suit your small room.

Lastly you need to think about the fabric you would like to use for your headboard. Again think about the style you are trying to achieve and how often the bedroom is used. For example a guest bedroom used only occasionally would look great in a delicate fabric, whilst a headboard used in a child's room may be better with a washable leatherette.

A traditional bedroom would look stunning with one of the linen fabrics that you can get from Mattress Man whilst a luxurious bedroom would look fabulous in one of our stunning velvet fabrics that Dreams are great at.

We've just touched on the different stores that we think give out the best deals in cheap single headboards. We've picked out the 3 stores because they each offer great low priced deals on single headboards, but they also offer something different from each other too.

Argos Cheap Single Headboards Argos have a massive collection of loads of different brands of single headboards. They do have some higher end brands, but we think Argos are best for the lower priced single headboards and they have a few good brands doing them.

The Collection by Argos is there own brand and we feel that they offer amazing quality at a very low price. They also have ones from Home, by Argos and Forty Winks. If you do like the higher end brands they also have ones from Silentnight and Airsprung too.

Dreams Cheap Single Headboards If you're after a little bit of luxury in a single headboard, then you should check out the ones fro sale at Dreams.

Dreams have their own range of low priced single headboards that are getting good reviews and are really top quality also. But they do have singled headboards from the well known brands like, Hypnos, Sealy, Tempur, TheraPur and a few others. These are all very well rated and Dreams offer excellent value for money on them

Mattress Man Cheap Single Headboards By far the biggest choice when it comes to different brands has to be from Mattress Man. They have so many to choose from and all at really low prices too.

For the lower end brands you should check out the ones like, New Designs and Original Bedstead single headboards. These offer excellent value for money fir those on a tight budget.

They do also stick some of the mid range and higher end stuff to. They have, AirSprung, Balmoral, Bentley Designs, British Bed Company, Furniture Express, Hypnos, Julian Bowen, Relyon, Rest Assured, Sealy and Verona Design Ltd. These are some of the biggest names in bedroom furniture and you're sure to find a quality single headboard to match your budget somewhere in there.

This is why we stick to these 3 UK stores and think this is the best way to get value for money. You really don't want to be spending to long looking for a single headboard after all.

We have the prices for all the single headboards for sale at all these 3 retailers for you listed here on this website. They are ordered from cheapest single headboard to the most expensive. This, we think, makes it super easy for you to find the best one that matches your budget form the store that you want to shop at.

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