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On this site we search for all the cheapest products and suppliers so you save time and get chance to find the best price based on our research and short reviews. We take a commission from most of the items in these lists and it's this that keeps our company funded.

While earning commission from our list of products and companies, we don't include or excluded products and companies based on the amount of commission they generate. In other words, we'll add them to the list (or higher) if we think it's the best fit and price for the visitor, no matter if we make commission on the recommendation.

You can rest assured that we will also build our lists of cheap products and suppliers based on the price and quality and how fitting they are for the list. This is our number one priority for us. We want to bring you the best and cheapest options so you save time, save money and get exactly what you're looking for.

The commission we earn from your purchases doesn't affect the price you pay in any way. The price you pay for products/items we list won't change if we take a commission or not. Commission is paid from the company supplying the goods to you.

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