The ULTIMATE List Of Voucher Code Sites In The UK

We HUNT DOWN and LIST all the BEST discount code sites in the UK that provide the best vouchers and money saving deals.

Discount code sites, love them or hate them, are everywhere on the web all trying to claim they are the best when it comes to getting exclusive codes and deals that will save us money.

Sadly many of these GREAT websites fall short of their promise and are sometimes gone within a year or two. So, shall we put together THE BIGGEST LIST of voucher code sites for you to use and look for them awesome discount codes? Ok, we'll give it a go :)

There's going to be a lot of great voucher sites here, and some not so great ones sadly, but we're here to build you the ULTIMATE list so we'll let you decide which are awesome and which, well, are just crap.

The Most Popular Discount Code Sites

Voucher Codes

It's going to be no surprise to many of you that Voucher Codes is top of the list here and we're going to tell you why. Voucher Codes gets more exclusive discount codes than any other voucher code site in the UK. These exclusives provide bigger discounts to their readers and give retailers the chance to be featured on their homepage and newsletters. They've had over 4 million app downloads, have 8 million members and over 400,000 facebook followers. They are a superb resource for people looking to save money and are going to be hard to beat!

Deal Feed

This new website named DealFeed is a new type of discount code website in the UK that checks and updates EVERY HOUR and also lets you know which competitors have a great discount code too. Provides a lot of value to a select number of top retailers in the UK.

My Voucher Codes

The 2nd biggest and best voucher codes resource in the UK has to be My Voucher Codes as they have a huge list of retailers (both big and small) and also work really hard in getting the exclusive discount codes that save their readers money. Very easy to use site with a handy 'Top 50' and 'Exclusive' voucher code features on their homepage. Homepage is even more awesome with categories (if you need something in general). They have over 6 million members, 1.3 million app downloads, 260,000 followers on facebook and over 8,000 retailes with over 75,000 voucher codes. Wow!

Voucher Cloud

Voucher Cloud are a very handy yet simple voucher code site in the UK with a great amount of exclusive codes and offers to tempt you with. They like to push printable vouchers and you can even submit a voucher code they haven't got listed. They have apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry.

Groupon Voucher Codes

The discount codes section at Groupon (at the time of writing) has over 2,200 retailers with over 8,200 voucher codes, so looking for a discount on a certain retailer or type shouldn't be a problem. Very easy to use page but certainly not offering as much as the other big players out there.

Quidco Voucher Codes

A great number of exclusive discount codes here but not in the numbers of the other sites. We really like the section but not much to do here other than look at their list of exclusive codes. Sadly no 'best codes' or stats on how many retailers or codes are active. Not as big a resource as the big boys but still very awesome!

Money Super Market

We like this section as you can easily search for what you're looking for, get a list of 'Today's Deals', 'What's New', 'What's Ending' and 'What's Local', and also browse the list of retailers by name or by category. Very easy to use with many discount codes, local deals and printable vouchers.

Voucher Box

Relatively new on the scene is this site called Voucher Box who we've met in person at a conference and are a very likable bunch of people. They are working really hard at getting exclusive codes to offer to their visitors with some of the big names in the retail industry. Their site is pretty cute with easy to use sections if you don't know exactly what you're looking for. Handy menus of 'Top Vouchers', 'Top Shops' and a 'Student Deals' section is a welcomed addition. Over 110,000 members and growing each day. Sadly not got the amount of deals as the other big players but certainly getting more. Give them a look.

Other Voucher Code Sites Making A Splash

They not the biggest and best discount code sites in the UK but they are certainly making a name for themselves. Here are some websites you should also consider.

360 Voucher Codes

Started in early 2015, 360 Voucher Codes don't have many exclusive codes but they do have a great number of retailers and vouchers under their belt. We love the homepage with many offers in a tidy yet big list.

Hot UK Deals

Hot UK Deals have a lot of user submitted voucher codes on their site which is good and bad, sometimes it's common for the discount codes to not work, but sometimes you get a GREAT discount on the codes you're not supposed to know about. It turns out Voucher Box (description in list above) now handle much of their discount codes for them. We'd say Hot UK Deals is better for their deals so well worth a look at their homepage.

Voucher Codes Pro

A good looking site that's easy to navigate and plenty to look at. Not much in terms of exclusive codes sadly but still a good number of codes and retailers.


Savoo have recently shifted their focus to provide fundraising for charties, which is a really good move we think! They aren't the biggest voucher code or deals site in the UK but should be strongly considered when looking for a discount. Helps other people!

Easy Fundraising Vouchers

Another great charity fundraising site using the power of deals and discount codes. Been around for a few years and raised lots of money with your help.

Deals Daddy

A cool looking site which looks VERY user friendly. Not been around for long but looks promising.

Other Voucher Code Related Links

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